Why payroll?

Risk free

We take over the task of paying your employees, including all the responsibilities and risks. No employment law risks left for you.

Fewer obligations
Less cost

You do not continue paying salary during employee illness.

Flexible employee contract

Payroll employee can have flexible contract up to 5.5 years in the Netherlands. More flexible means less risk for employer!

No need to have
an entity to start business

You don’t need to register a branch in the Netherlands if you hire us to take care of your employee payroll matters. We make sure everything gets lined up soonest.

You manage
your own employees

Your employees still report to you, nothing changes in that sense.

No administration
work for you

As we are taking care of payslips, admin work, and other tedious stuff, you can focus on what really matters to you!

flexible employee management planYou focus on your core business, we take care of your employees.

Who we serve?

Foreign companies

Regardless company sizes and “nationalities”, we serve all companies doing business in the Netherlands.


With stricter rules for ZZPs, more and more clients are looking for payroll solutions to mitigate the potential breach of the Dutch labor law.

All Dutch companies

All companies that are looking for flexible way of employing talents or carefree payroll administration work.

  • Cindy van Asten

    founder - payroll & tax expert

    Graduated from Tilburg University in 2006 and formerly working for “Big four” advisories and...

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  • Serena Wang

    Senior consultant

    Graduated from Fudan University and Leiden University, with legal and HR working experience in both...

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  • Spark Xie

    business develop director

    Spark Xie joined the management team of Rock Payroll BV and brings extensive experience in international...

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  • Mark Bastiaans

    founder - payroll & tax expert

    Graduated from Tilburg University in 2006 and formerly working for “Big four” advisories and...

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Rock Payroll B.V. is specialized in helping Dutch SMEs and International companies doing business in the Netherlands with everything in payroll area (from payroll administration to manage secondment employees). We offer service in Dutch, English and Chinese. Please feel free to get in touch with us and ask for a quotation!


We charge by factors. Meaning if your employee monthly gross salary is X, and the factor is Y (between 1.4-1.8) for example, then your monthly bill would be X*Y, and that’s it.

In short, Rock Payroll B.V. is a certified payroll company with more than 10 years experience in serving clients from ZZPs (freelancers and one-man company) all the way to multinationals. We can offer our service in Dutch, English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

Easy! Simply fill in the details in below (Get-in-touch) section, and schedule a quick get-to-know-you session with one of our consultants.

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