With Rock Payroll B.V., we guarantee to offer you a lower rate than ALL major payroll service providers.

We charge a fixed factor for every employee you would like to have us to contract with. (Factors might be vary according to different nature of the employee).

How does the factor work? For example,  if your employee monthly gross salary is X, and the factor is Y (normally between 1.4-1.8) for example, then your monthly bill would be X*Y, and that’s it. The factor also includes: compulsory holiday allowance, 20 days paid leave, sickness insurance, injury at work insurance, employee tax, payroll tax and Rock Payroll B.V. administration costs (income tax reporting and submission, contract management and payslip admin work). After 26-weeks, employees are entitled for pension (compulsory) which is 0.03 addition to factor Y.

You will receive monthly bill with clear breakdown of the costs and salary, at the same time, your employee will get a monthly payslip with one’s salary, income tax, pension contribution (if applicable).

Feel free to contact us should you have any question.